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Raffle!!!! Date: Oct 2nd @ 1:29am EDT

I am doing an end of the year raffle with 10 prizes that will go until December 31st !


1st: one of my original paintings and 20 min free pvt show OR 1 hour free pvt and my custom Fleshlight,

2nd: one of my original paintings and 15 min free pvt OR 40 min free pvt and my custom fleshlight!

3rd: 3 months fan club and 20 min free pvt

4th: 2 months fan club and 15 min free pvt

5th: 1 month fan club and 10 min free pvt

6th-10th: 1 month fan club and 5 min free pvt

Tickets are 100 credits each OR you can tip for a prize off my wall in my room which will automatically get you raffle tickets and a chance to win other prizes including free pvt time, extra raffle tickets, fan club, and more!

I look forward to ending this year strong and having fun with you!!!
-Hope Daylee
Members only shows Date: Jan 11th @ 5:57pm EST
Hello! Date: Jan 11th @ 5:39pm EST
Raffle!!!!! Date: Nov 15th @ 3:27pm EST
Hello there!!!
I wanted to bring to your attention that I am doing a raffle through the end of the year!
Here is how to enter:
100 credit tip = 1 Ticket
250 credit tip = 4 Tickets
500 credit tip = 10 Tickets

What you can win:
1st place:
FREE 2 hour bathtub show with me AND 1 year fan club membership

2nd place:
FREE 1 hour bathtub show with me AND 6 months fan club membership

3rd place:
FREE 30min show AND 3 months fan club membership

4th place:
FREE 20 min show AND 2 months fan club membership

5th place:
FREE 10 min show AND 1 month fan club membership

The raffle ends on December 31st and winners will be drawn the first week of January.
I will be willing to schedule specific times for any winner or they can pop in when I am currently online!
If you would like to send a tip for entry while I am offline please let me know it is for a raffle ticket, I will respond to let you know I have received it and given the appropriate amount of tickets!!!
If you have any questions, please email me!
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